When I was but a boy, enjoying the frivolity of a gilded childhood, my Father took me aside to have ‘the talk’.

He explained to me that while our family were doing ok with our royal ancestry, the properties, the family businesses, the political connections, the iron ore mines, nothing in this life was guaranteed.

“You have to fight for any success you get in this life, Chetrik,” he would say. “And once you’ve got it, protect it by any means necessary. Not for you, not for me, but for your children’s children.”

At the time I did not understand. But as I matured, I realised that to ensure the survival of our family dynasty, I would have to engage with the age old tradition of Hypergamy.

Or to use the commoners’ parlance, Marrying Up.

And while for the lower classes the practice has become associated with the act of a woman vying for higher status by marrying a well-to-do man, for those who move in elite social circles like myself, it’s always existed beyond gender constructs, based only on the need to legally secure long-term financial independence.

And these days it’s easy. Before the internet, Hypergamy was a lot harder. To find a target to marry, one would have to go out to real world social events, and blindly hope to meet a well-heeled spouse-to-be. 

Nowadays, social media provides an entire world’s worth of potential targets, making it easy to insinuate ourselves into a wealthy individual’s life.

And it’s something I highly recommend you do. 

Once you’ve picked your life partner, go to them, compliment them, laugh at their jokes, touch their arms, be the best version of yourself and toy with them until they love you. 

And when they inevitably pop the question, say yes, dummy! Legally, what’s theirs becomes yours.

Imagine it. Financial independence at the stroke of a pen. I’ve seen it happen. I know of countless friends under the age of 40 who, having no hope of ever owning a home of their own, have married up with a Boomer of multiple properties and now love their carefree life.

Can you imagine a life where you never pay rent again? Well, it’s there waiting for you if you’re strong enough.

So go on, marry up. If not for you, then for your children’s children.


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