South Betoota man, Luke Morris (33) is very wary of his son’s sugar intake.

In fact, every time the family goes out for a feed at the local pub, he has to keep an eye on how many soft drinks the little fella is consuming – because he knows how much he loves the stuff!

“That’s enough, Lote” he says, as his son approaches his mum for a second glass of lemonade.

Luke finishes his fifth schooner of Betoota Bitter and heads towards the bar.

“Yeah, mate. Same again.”

“Listen if this little fella comes up again asking for a soft drink I want you to cut him off [laughter]”

“He’s had too much already!”

Oblivious to the hypocrisy that is on display for all as Luke orders another round of drinks, which cost far more than a glass of lemonade or fanta, and probably aren’t much better for him, Luke decides it might almost be time to have a rum and coke.

With the wives and girlfriends still sitting down at the dinner tables, and the kids running around on the carpeted floor in the play area, Luke makes his way back to his table of mates at the Lord Betoota Hotel.

“Alright, I think the missus is gonna take my kid home. Johnno, does your kid wanna have a sleep over?”

“Let’s tie one on cunts”

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