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A Betoota Heights bloke not educated on the modern forms of period care has unknowingly given one of his mates a rather intimate experience this weekend, it’s reported.

It’s alleged James Mason, 29, had invited a few of his mates over after a successful footy game, where the debauchery had quickly escalated after the token gronk, Ryan, had spied a bottle of Don Julio sitting on the bar cart – letting out an enthusiastic ‘SHOOOOTTTS’ to rally the troops.

Muttering something about it only being ‘three in the afternoon’, James had begrudgingly started lining up a couple of the shot glasses left over from a house party, when he realised he was one short, resulting in him quickly checking the dishwasher anything that could be of similar size.

“This should do”, he’d said, unknowingly fishing out his girlfriend, Lauren’s Diva Cup, which for some reason she thought was okay to put next to the spoons, “alright boys, bottoms up.”

It can reported that Lauren did later query why her Diva Cup was sitting on the bench next to a half sucked lime, and can could be seen doubled over with laughter as a confused James had recounted the days activities.

More to come.


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