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A fully grown man last night revealed he has the eating habits of a child, much to the shock (and delight) of his friends who love nothing more than being having more shit to tease him about.

Corey Zammit [28] is alleged to have had a catchup with some of his mates at Reece Tibbet’s house last night, where they spent the majority of their time watching old videos from ‘The Whitest Kids You Know’ YouTube channel, and talking complete and utter shit.

However, it was after they ordered pizza that Corey’s strange eating habits were discovered, which caused the entire group to go berserk.

You see, not only does Corey leave his crusts behind, which is what children do, but it also half the fucking pizza too.

“Are you serious, cunt?”, had asked James, pointing at a slice that literally looked as though he’d just slid the toppings off, “you’re going to eat that right?”

“Nah”, Corey had shrugged, “I don’t want to fill up on crust.”

“It’s such a waste.”

Attempting to ignore them as he went about his business, Corey eventually reached for another slice when his hand was promptly knocked aside by Peter.

“No fucking way, you’re not allowed anymore.”

“I’ve got a bag of parmesan in the fridge, just microwave that you weirdo.”

“That’s actually psychotic.”

“Get out of my house.”

More to come.


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