A building site in County Coogee has today been treated to a rather spectacular Friday arvo knock off.

With tools heading back into trucks on the bustling Eastern Sydney construction site, one of the more vocal Irish workers decided to open the pipes and let rip a classic tune from home.

“Aiiiiiiiiiiii was born on Dublin street, where the loyal drums did beat,” he began at full bore, whilst walking back to his ute.

With nearly half of the job site made up of Irish workers, a large crowd of back up singers began to chime in to the classic Irish Rebel song known as Come Out, Ye Black and Tans.

With the Poms on site scuttling for cover and laying low while the Irish belted out the famous tune.

Finishing with a deafening crescendo, the last of the tools unanimously went where they needed to like some 1950s movie, and the boys and girls marched side by side down to the pub.

Heading down to a heaving Coogee Bay Hotel, the man who lead the rousing rendition of the popular song told us he’s looking forward to a marvellous St Patrick’s Day, like.

“Should be good craic like,” laughed Colm Shouldice.

“Bitta fun like.”

More to come.


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