At 27 years of age, the fact that local man Zach Kenworth doesn’t have a car or even a valid drivers licence is a little embarrassing.

Despite having parents who were always willing and available to teach him, or fund some lessons, Zach is one of those people who’s just happy going about their life as a totally useless individual who uses their passport to get into nightclubs and often has to scab a lift from his mates.

However Zach’s allergy to getting his licence has broken out in hives this weekend, after jumping on board an interstate round trip to a country music festival, and ignoring the need to chip in $50 and pay for a pub lunch.

After his friend Jeremy picked Zach up from his parent’s house, Zach reportedly dumped his Country Road duffle bag across the back seat of his mate’s Hyundai Elantra and settled in for a comfy free ride.

“How good are road trips,” Zach swooned, kicking his thongs off and deciding to rest his rank and stanky feet on the glove box.

“It’s so good to get away, hey!”

Completely unaware of the hundreds of dollars worth of petrol going into this weekend’s 11 hour drive, Zach reportedly decided he’d square the ledger by offering some measly treats for the road.

“I got us some snacks, you want one?” Zach offered, ripping open a bag of Aldi brand jelly snakes he’d clearly pinched from his parent’s pantry.

“Yeah sure whatever,” replied his mate Jeremy curtly, pretty pissed that Zach didn’t even bother to buy a few tubes of Pringles or a box of Favourites.

Watching his friend take a handful of sugar for the first leg of the trip, Zach was quick to make sure his personal chauffeur didn’t eat them all himself.

“Oi go easy mate, we’ve got a long way to go,” whined Zach, snatching the bag away from his mate.

“Also can we dip into drive-thru on the way out of town, I haven’t had any brekkie!”


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