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A local city worker has told The Advocate this afternoon that he’s been craving a bit of Kiwi-style barbecue all week and tonight’s the night he’s going to cook himself up a bit.

Wade Darcy, a 34-year-old landscaper, has worked in horticulture for over ten years and has carried on his professional love of building and maintaining gardens for the Betoota Shire Council and made his own garden one that the whole street envies.

It goes without saying that Mr Darcy supplements his earnings with a cash-only business that cultivates, harvests and prepares cannabis for retail among his friends and vetted acquaintances.

He tells The Advocate he does enjoy some of the fruits of his own labour – albeit rarely – but when he does, he likes to enjoy it as they do over the ditch.

“I enjoy my spots,” he explained to our reporter.

“Or dots, whatever you want to call it. I’m not very big on cones, I think it’s pretty rogue if I’m honest. I enjoy smoking a joint when I have the time but I’m going to a 9:30pm screening of Dune 2 tonight so I’ll only have time to go home and shower, come back to town,”

“So when I get home, I’ll pop a couple knives on for dinner. Have a shower and get dressed while they get nice and hot. It’s nice and quick, having a dot. It can knock you for six, too. I’ll have to put my shoes on before I hit it. I’ve got stuck trying to put my shoes on for ages [laughs] Have you done many?”

Our reporter nodded.

“True, they’re good, hey? What do you use? I just take the ink out of a pen, personally. Stick the herb between the two hot knives and go honk.”

Our reporter indicated they use one of those metal reusable straws that city people use to feel good about themselves.

“Oh, true. I’ll give that a go. Nothing better, hey? Having a nice spot then watching Hard Quiz.”

More to come.


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