As hard as some Grinches might try, Christmas is yet to be cancelled and is set to claim a 2022nd victory in the annual War Against Christmas.

This festive milestone is all the more impressive considering that everything and everyone is getting cancelled these days, at least according to talkback radio, Sky News and a certain Twitter owner who keeps shutting down accounts that criticise him.

Just like Brockhampton, cancel culture was all the rage in 2017. Yet five years later the majority seem to have moved on and there are very few who will vouch for it, again, just like Brockhampton.

However, cancel culture will always remain a yuletide tradition as when you think about it, Jesus is if not the first, the most famous victim of cancel culture.

Prior to the existence of old tweets from the early ‘10s, making proclamations to crowds of people was the olden days form of Twitter, something Jesus did frequently and a big contributor to his eventual death.

The King of Kings is likewise comparable to notable cancel culture critical nepo-babies who have made a career out of having famous and well-connected parents who are always on hold to resurrect their careers. 

It is also arguable that Jesus wrote the playbook on how to reach a new audience after being cancelled, one that continues to be used to this day by conservative podcasters who rant at length about how they have been silenced to their audiences of millions.

“Cancelling Jesus was another of the lefts most foolish of notions,” stated Betoota based conservative commentator Tim Winkletarcher whose 2018 cancellation saw him interviewed repeatedly on broadcast TV where he was introduced to a whole new audience of people who understand history even less than he does.

“You simply cannot cancel Christ. They tortured him publicly and bled him dry, yet his book still became a best seller. Just like mine would have if Random House didn’t drop me and I had to self publish.”



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