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A young father from our town’s Heights district found himself watching Bluey this morning at 4:37am and as he was watching it, he told The Advocate that he thought his mind was playing tricks on him.

After giving up trying to get his son back to sleep, Corey Haggard thought it was better he put on the blue noise and think about getting ready for work.

But as he lay slumped on the couch, thinking about how tired he was, he overheard Bluey make an extremely off-colour joke about identity politics.

“Well, at least I thought I did,” he said.

“I wasn’t sure at the time and I didn’t have the remote handy. I was going to rewind but the kid didn’t want to so whatever. But yeah, I wasn’t expecting that.”

The joke Corey is referring to, he thinks, was about Bandit claiming to have given birth to his own kids despite being male.

“He said something like, ‘Yeah, I gave birth to all my kids and the other dog was like yeah righto and then Bandit kept on going with it. He said Oh yeah, anyone can give birth to anyone these days, I could even say you’re my son,’ it was like watching Sky News after dark,”

“If I wanted to hear jokes about transgender people, I’d watch The Footy Show. But yeah, this isn’t the first time.”

Corey vaguely recalls watching another episode where one dog said he life was “so much better” when he didn’t have kids because he could do what he wanted.

“I remember seeing that and thinking it’s only OK when I say that. Not when the fucken TV dog does.”

More to come.


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