CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT Lauded as ‘The Channel Country’s Clem7″ the new Diamantina monorail service was launched today by Betoota mayor Councillor Keith Carton and several other neighbouring mayors. Servicing Boulia, Windorah, Betoota, Birdsville and Bedourie – the 1000 kilometre elevated railway system will service hundreds of tourists and about 70 locals who can afford to use it as a means of commuting to work. THE BETOOTA ADVOCATE INTERVIEWS DEPUTY PREMIER OF NSW, JOHN BARILARO.   Local businesses say that while the lengthy construction process nearly crippled their businesses with night work and access violations, they look forward to the next decade of foot traffic, until the government inevitably decides to rip it up again for no reason and replace it with very similar infrastructure. “I’m just glad we have this running through the middle of town now” said Shelley, a Boulia gift store owner. “Even if most of them don’t get off and stimulate our economy through trade, I’m just glad they get to have a look at the place from up there in the carriage” With the terminus located in in the Shire’s most central location, our very own Betoota, the new transport service is expected to provide upwards of eight immediate council jobs and roughly about 17 contractor jobs to people who work for the mayor’s mates.


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