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Bartenders at the Bleating Goat Hotel were this weekend seen trying to contain their fury, as a new employee managed to make a series of mistakes that severely impacted the productivity of everyone within a one metre radius.

Blaine Neville [19] is alleged to have been hired only a few days ago, with the manager deciding that it would be perfectly fine for him to bartend on a bustling Saturday night, despite having virtually no experience using a POS, let alone pouring a beer.

Having kickstarted the start by getting several orders wrong, dropping a bottle of Fireball and having several vaping breaks, Blaine hadn’t crossed the line with his fellow staff members until it reached peak hour – and that’s when he did the unforgivable.

Smashing a rock glass on the bar top, resulting in shards of glass scattering into the ice well.

Not once, but twice.

“Haha shit sorry”, he’d said, sheepishly rubbing his shoulder, as a nearby bartender quickly started to scoop all the ice into a champagne bucket, “slippery fingers.”

It’s alleged Blaine was only just being forgiven when he was spotted scooping out ice with a schooner glass, which caused a few expletives from one of the barbacks who asked him if he had shit for brains.

More to come.


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