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The greatest thing to happen to air travel in this country for years took place today as new airline Bonza took to the skies for the first time.

A special flight for media and invited guests took to the skies over Queensland this afternoon, which gave the special passengers a small taste of the trademark ‘laid back service’ that Bonza wants to make the nation’s favourite.

For one passenger, however, he said he was feeling fine until the cockpit door opened and he noticed that the pilot flying the plane wasn’t even wearing shoes.

In fact, the pilot hadn’t even done the buttons up on his shirt and by some reports, he hadn’t even brushed his teeth.

The passenger spoke to The Advocate a short time ago about his experience flying with Australia’s newest budget carrier.

“I’ve seen pilots without a tie but not wearing shoes, that’s just nightmare fuel,” they said.

“You’re flying a Boeing 737, have a bit of respect for yourself. You’re not driving a clapped out hybrid Camry for 13Cabs. You’re flying a goddamn fucking plane, man. Put some fucken shoes on. Put a tie on and look me in the eye as you welcome me on board. It’s the very least you could do.”

The passenger went on with the hypotheticals and our reporter let him go.

“What if there was an emergency? Would he be like, ‘Oh crud, the engine’s on fire!’ and then pause to lace his Hush Puppies up? I don’t think so. What if he had to run across the tarmac to evacuate the plane?” he continued.

“I’m pretty sure he was wearing boardies! But yeah. $50 is $50 and jet planes don’t crash in this country.”

More to come.


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