A local man who hasn’t had a girlfriend in a couple of years has offered some culinary tips to The Advocate today as he shows off his creativity in the kitchen.

Dressed in a pair of musty OzTag shorts and a Hurley shirt, local insurance salesman Caleb Webber (26) taught our reporter how to turn some leftovers from a Saturday backyard BBQ into a plate of Japanese Teppanyaki.

“So I’ve got half a T-Bone steak from the weekend and a tongful of grilled onions here,” Caleb explained, as he pulled out a clump of cold alfoil from his fridge.

“Actually there might be a few potato wedges as well, I did those in my air fryer…”

After pulling the assorted collection of ingredients from the fridge and lumping them onto the kitchen counter, Caleb admitted he might have to get extra creative tonight as all his frying pans were still soaking in three day old sink water.

Spotting his trusty jumbo sandwich toaster on the bench, Caleb told The Advocate the trick to fine weeknight dining was to mix and match flavours and lean on the powers of asian sauces that go well with everything.

“Righto we’ll do the steak on the sandwich toaster and the wedges in the microwave” he narrated as he dropped the T-Bone onto the hotplate and gave it a quick heated squish.

“And when that’s done we’ll give it a quick dose of this sesame dressing, have you ever tried it?”

Then after draining a simmering pot of two minute noodles into his kitchen sink and then dumping the noodles onto a plate, Caleb dropped on his reheated steak, gave it a drizzle of sesame dressing and a tiny sprinkle of dried onions flakes that were well past their use by date.

“See this sauce is like the Japanese version of tomato sauce, it tastes great on everything. Grab a fork, you wanna try some?”


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