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A local woman has completely rid herself of any responsibility for her actions last night after she revealed it wasn’t her that abused her brother’s new girlfriend, but rather her drunk alter-ego. 

Tamara Phale, or Tash when she’s drunk, went on an absolute tear last night following a long lunch with the girls at a Betoota Harbour waterfront restaurant.

Nursing a throbbing headache, Tamara sat down with The Advocate to relive last night’s events.

“HA! Did she really get abused?”

“Man, I’ve got to stop drinking rosé, I can’t control Tash on the rosé”

“Oh btw, Tash is my drunk alter-ego. She’s crazy.”

When questioned further about ‘Tash’, Tamara revealed that she only really comes out when she (Tamara) drinks copious amounts of rosé.

“Yeah, it’s a bit of a problem really. My boyfriend has banned me from drinking it, but I still sneak it when he’s away on work trips.”

While Tamara is laughing off her drunk alter-ego, a slightly more concerning matter is at play – Tamara may have broken up her Tim, her brother, and his new girlfriend.

Further reports from the night state that the girlfriend left the Betoota Imperial Hotel in tears, with a frustrated Tim racing after her.

It remains unclear whether they’re still together or what the ramifications for Tamara will be, if she sticks true to form it’s likely she’ll neck a bottle of rosé and let Tash deal with it.

More to come.


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