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Feeling overwhelmed? I hear you. It feels like it’s impossible to get ahead right now, doesn’t it?

As Australia’s leading finance guru on intergenerational wealth, land lording and corporate espionage, I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone.

A lot of Betootians are feeling burnt-out. The cost of living crisis has affected us all, especially those in the top end of the property market.

You feel it in the higher cash rate that eats into the active profits we get from our many investment properties, as well as the passive profits we get from our diversified portfolio of shares, bonds and private equity.

I hear you. Our suffering is the same, you and I.

Look at us. Just a couple of honest Aussies trying to get up off our yoga ball and have a go. With nothing but our courage, a bit of elbow grease, and the old money our great grandparents started accumulating for the family business in those halcyon days of pre-industrial revolution Europe.

We should help each other. Let me start by giving you the same advice my Pappy gave me one winter while we were holidaying in the Swiss Alps, advice I’ve lived by ever since:

When times are tough, get yours and fuck everybody else!

That’s right. You’ve got to realise you’re entitled to more than everyone else. And all it takes is a shift in mindset, one that allows you to focus on yourself and take concrete steps to ensure you’re always Numero Uno.

Ask yourself when you last took some time for you? Did some gentle, self-care routines on a relaxing yacht where the worries of the world simply melted away on the gently lapping waters of the Mediterranean Sea?

That long, eh? Oh boy. No wonder you’re feeling like someone on less than $250,000 a year. You pitiful hopeless piece of shit.

Be gentle to yourself. By that I mean only do things that benefit you alone. All the time. It’s what I do. And look at me. I’ve got more investment properties than I do friends! I’ve got a garage full of expensive sports cars that I have professionally cleaned weekly even though they never leave the garage.

And I did it all by recognising burnout when it comes and deciding then and there to get mine and fuck everybody else!

I suggest you do the same.


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