A local man has today wowed his girlfriend with an incredible display of competence. 

Jared Hicks from Betoota’s French Quarter has made his long term partner swoon at his ability to drive a car around a video game track on his PlayStation 5. 

“All Golds baby” he reportedly told his girlfriend after going toe to toe with a tricky track on Gran Turismo 7 this afternoon. 

This incredible feat comes despite the late 20s man not actually owning a physical drivers licence, or being able to drive unaccompanied on a road in real life. 

The office guy who is moderately competent in other areas of adulthood and has no real excuses for not owning a licence, then had to brush off criticism for his girlfriend. 

“Haha nice babe, how about you take corners like that in the wet in an actual car,” she laughed after looking up from her phone. 

“Or how about you actually drive an actual car,” she followed up, not realising that Ablie has all of his dream cars in GT7. 

“Yeah true,” he laughed flicking through his virtual garage – filled with cars that are all a lot more impressive than a 10 year old 4 door sedan. 

With a bashful Hicks trying to laugh off the sledges while giving his hot wheels a breather, his girlfriend decided it was probably time to check in on when the hell he was going to get his act together. 

“So, when are you getting your licence?” 

Hurriedly trying to hit the accelerator on the next track, Hicks then offered a vague kind of answer before diverting his attention back into GT7. 

“Sorry babe, I’m live from PS5 right now haha”

More to come.

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