It’s happened again!

With a few million around the world watching on as a major sporting event unfolds, a Random Souths Guy has appeared on TV screens.

A long held tradition, the Random Souths Guy is a character that turns up all over the globe, with fans of the NRL’s most popular team making sure they’re team gets the global recognition they deserve.

From Table Tennis tournaments in South Korea to Football World Cups, the Random Souths Guy has become a veteran of world sports, and it’s no surprise that he’s turned up again.

However, rather than appearing in a South Sydney Rabbitohs jersey in the crowd, the Random Souths Guy has actually appeared on the field of the Super Bowl.

And what’s more, he’s been allowed on by security.

Because, the Random Souths Guy is Jordan Mailata – the Offensive Tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles who are currently dicing it out with the Kansas City Chiefs.

The former Bankstown Bull and Condell Park High student made waves a few years ago when he progressed through the NFL’s International Pathways Program.

Mailata famously (since two weeks ago) turned down a $5,000 dollar offer from the South Sydney Rabbitohs before heading overseas to chase his dream – which has well and truly materialised.

He recently signed a 64 million dollar contract upgrade (US Dollars), making him nearly as financially successful as the likes of Daly Cherry Evans.

On top of that, he has become the most notable Random Souths Guy to ever make a global sporting appearance.

More to come.


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