A local 20-year-old bloke could be making a move on either side of the law at this rate, judging by how rigged he has gotten over the last year or so.

His recent purchases of heaps of cool news clothes and upgraded taste in dark spirits also leads one think that he has a pretty safe job lined up in the near future.

The local hard cunt looks to be making a career out of his well-known issues with authority, as his recent increase in both body mass and body art show that he’s been moving in a different crowd.

However, Betoota residents are today discussing what side of the law Codey is dabbling with.

“I reckon it’s the coppers for sure” says Shona Guerra, a local fabric store owner.

“His tatts don’t past his wrists and neck”

Beryl, the high school nurse seems to sink it’s probably the bikies.

“Shona, darling… You know what his old man was like. He’d be turning in his grave if he heard is son was wearing a badge”

“Plus I got to see how that kid behaved at school. There was no policeman in that boy”

It was then agreed that due to his current physical stature and track record as a school bully, Codey could actually be joining either.

“It’s hard to tell these things” says Shona.

“They are essentially the same make”


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