Being a teenager isn’t always fun, unless you’ve got a fake ID in which case it definitely is. 

One such fake ID owner is promising Betoota youth Felix Norx (17) who worked hard to secure his own fake ID so that he may enjoy all the privileges of adult life.

“It was so easy,” stated the young man who deserved to be served alcohol as he’s clearly wise beyond his years.

“Go to your local TMR office, say that you are your older brother, mine lives in London, and that you lost your wallet and need a new licence. Get your photo taken and voila, you have the realest fake ID on record.”

“Plus, now you can drive!”

Even with a fake ID that is convincing by legal standards, Norx still likes to make an effort when asked to prove his age and does so by acting absolutely flattered.

“Oh, haha, sure, I’ll show you my ID, gah, let me dig it out of here, it’s been so long you know,” stated Norx at the bottleo where he was asked to prove his age due to his lack of facial hair and selection of Cruisers.

“Gosh this takes me back it does, it really takes me back you old smoothie you.”

“No, honestly, it’s fine. These days I take the compliments where I can get them!”

When asked how he developed such fine acting chops, Norx cited his very recent experience in drama class and cordially invited us to his school production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 


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