The leader of a church that was only created so that King Henry VIII could remarry to another woman without having to cut his wife’s head off, have today declared they are not in support of changing the legal definition of marriage in Australia.

The Coalition for Marriage has confirmed the No campaign received a $1 million donation from the Anglican Diocese of Sydney to help fund the case against same sex marriage – which would result in a drastic addition of three new words to The Marriage Act.

The donation was publicly announced by Archbishop Glenn Davies in his address to the 51st Synod earlier today — a meeting of all the churches in the Sydney Diocese — but was made about a month ago – around about the same time Qantas CEO Alan Joyce was being criticised by Christian politicians for publicly backing the rights of 70% of his staff who are currently unable to get married.

Dr Davies said he would make “no apology” for encouraging all Australians to vote against same sex marriage in Malcolm Turnbull’s $122 million postal survey, in the same way the Catholic Church opposed King Henry’s six marriages in the 1500s, before they were burnt to death by loyalists of the newly-created Church Of England.

“I consider the consequences of removing gender from the marriage construct will have irreparable consequences for our society”

“Just like how the English Reformation has killed millions of people from the first act of Catholic/Prodestant terrorism during  The Gunpowder Plot of 1605 – right up to the IRA”

“There is much bigger consequences to changing the secular constitutional definition of marriage”


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