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The Diamantina Shire has launched an investigation into why only predominantly-upper-middle-class-families-with-labrador-retrievers celebrate the traditional American holiday of Halloween, when other members of the wider Betoota community choose to not observe it.

Come the 31st of October, the white-four-barb fences of Betoota Heights and Remienko Grove are lined with cobwebs, ghouls and other assorted decorations that pay homage to the spooky, scary theme of the night.

However, in the predominantly working-class areas of town like as out on the Airport Road in East Betoota and Bacchus Ponds, there is next to no ‘trick or treating’ to be seen, let alone reported to council.

“We think it’s because the folk from the higher-socio-economic areas of town are pressured by their kids into celebrating the holiday,” said Councillor Helen Caldwell, representing Bacchus Ponds.

“There’s also a substantially lower crime rate, meaning sending your child out unchaperoned of an evening time is easier. You’re not about to have a flathead screwdriver thrust into your torso over an iPhone 4 like you would in my ward,”

“Anyway, that’s my two cents. Disposable parental income and safety.”

The Advocate reached out to various families in Remienko Grove and Betoota Heights via a local Thermomix Facebook group and received a number of responses.

One prominent respondent, a local GP’s domestic partner, said that she enjoys bringing joy into the lives of her children – which is why they celebrate whatever Halloween celebrates.

Speaking on behalf of her children, Poncho and Daphne, Clem Cartwright told The Advocate that her kids and their friends ‘just love’ going trick or treating and taking part in the joy and fun that comes from being born into the class they were.

“I love hearing their sweet little voices so full of happiness and fun,” she said.

“The same type of joy I feel coming home from a long lunch with the girls, washing a Xanax down with a glass of my husband’s scotch then letting myself pass out in the garden like a common tramp,”

“It’s just so much fun, Halloween with the candy and everything.”

Ms Cartwright then logged off.

The investigation is ongoing.

More to come.



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