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Liz Truss will become the shortest-serving prime minister in Britain’s history after simply pulling a runner from her new duties before they even really began.

While Liz Truss is not directly responsible for the death of Queen Elizabeth, there are many Brits who will never forgive the Tory party for allowing their beloved Monarch’s funeral to be hijacked by their own dramas, with Liz Truss giving a speech – one of the few public appearances she madfe in her time as PM.

The flash-in-the-pan Prime Minister resigned not even 45 days into her job, following pressure from her own MPs to resign after she basically fucked the economy and stacked her cabinet with some of the biggest silver spoon deadshits to ever grace the polo fields of Ascot.

This revolving door mutiny comes as a spectacular end to weeks of plummeting opinion polls and turmoil in financial markets following her government’s neofascist mini-budget at the end of last month.

Truss nearly breaks the record for shortest political appointment of all time, coming in a close second to former Queensland rugby league icon Mal Meninga – who famously ditched his career in Canberra politics just 55 seconds into an interview with ABC radio.

However, the difference between Big Mal and the British Tory party is that he knew he wasn’t cut out for the job. Whereas these old toffs just blame lazy poor people for not appreciating their vision.

She will remain as prime minister until a leadership election is completed within the next month. The early front runner to replace her is Boris Johnson. Which, from an Australian perspective, is fucking hilarious.


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