The concerns held by parents of teenagers in the 1990s appears to be completely validated this week, after new allegations levelled against 1990s shock rock superstar Marilyn Manson.

The shocking outfits and horror-core photoshoots, once defended by angry teenagers as rebellious genius, now looks like it wasn’t an act at all.

However, the damning allegations are not centred around the performer eating animals and drinking blood on stage, or even the infamous ‘rib removal’ rumour – rather focusing on his treatment of other people.

In a new two part investigative documentary titled ‘Phoenix Rising’ Hollywood actress Evan Rachel Wood discusses her relationship with Manson (whose real name: Brian Warner) detailing horrible abuse she suffered throughout their four-plus year relationship.

In the series, Manson is described as a ‘wolf in wolf’s clothing’ – a man who dresses like a torturous psychopath, and allegedly behave likes one too.

Without going as far as saying “I told you so” – every single baby boomer parent in the western world has been validated today, along with all of the snapped CDs and torn down posters from the walls of angry goth teenagers late last millennium.

The gut feeling that the post-war parents had surrounding a musician who has formed a stage name by combining Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson, seems to have been pretty bang on.

However, while the boomers may be able to chalk up this win in their crusade against MTV, they will struggle to convince anyone but themselves that Eminem isn’t anything short of a troubled genius who provides audiences with an unflinching insight into the post-motor-boom economic collapse of Detroit.


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