A new report has found that going to court with your own party’s rank and file members on the eve of a Federal Election might actually not be the best way to begin a campaign.

This comes as Scotty From Marketing chalks up his first win in months. Unfortunately it wasn’t against the opposition – rather, the people that are meant to be helping get elected.

A long-running internal Liberal gridlock over NSW pre-selections was put to bed overnight, after the Court of Appeal dismissed a claim that pre-selections of 12 of the Prime Minister’s handpicked Liberal candidates were invalid.

The judgment, which comes after months of factional infighting, effectively permits the PM to intervene in the grassroots pre-selection process, which in turn defeats the purpose of actually having a party in the first place.

It is not yet known why the Prime Minister was so strongly opposed to democratically voted candidates, with many pointing to a possible conspiracy that Morrison would prefer having a Liberal Party stacked with loyal Hillsong followers who do what he says without using critical thought.

However a new report released this morning finds that this kind of heavy-handed treatment of your own party, at a time when there is very little faith in your leadership, might actually result in a wave of leaks and open criticisms from the very people who you are relying on to deliver a re-election in 6 weeks time.

The brittleness of Morrison’s standing within the Liberal Party is once again on full display this morning after second text from former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian showed her tearing strips off the Prime Minister for focusing on “petty pointscoring” rather than human lives during the Black Summer bushfires.

The full exchange includes Ms Berejiklian saying: “Morrison is a horrible horrible person. He is actively spreading lies and briefing against me re the fires’’ the text message reads.

The recipient of these messages, who is allegedly a cabinet minister, replies: “Morrison is about Morrison. Complete psycho. He is desperate and jealous. The mob have worked him out and he is a fraud.”

A second screenshot obtained by shows Berejiklian going on to say: “I’m just so so disappointed. Lives are at stake today and he is just obsessed with petty political pointscoring. So disappointed and gutted.”

The Prime Minister has not yet responded to this newest wave of leaks against him, but it is assumed he will brush it off as internal jealousy from female politicians who resent him for trying to promote more female politicians within his party ranks (???).


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