For the first time in his professional career, it seems that Prime Minister Scott Morrison might have to do a bit of work.

After a lifetime of bouncing between highly bureaucratic roles in government marketing bodies, property speculation bodies, and eventually Federal Politics – Scotty From Marketing hasn’t ever had to toughen up when the going gets tough.

The 2020 outbreak of a deadly pandemic quickly became a public health crisis that he was able to shift onto the states.

The premiers have been taking flak from the Prime Minister for not ‘opening up their borders and the economy’ ever since he handed them all responsibility this time last year.

The revelations surrounding the 2019 misappropriation of tax payer funded sports grants to bribe voters in marginal electorates became a political issue that would have buried any ‘leftie’ politician.

However, in the Morrison government, it is completely acceptable to make one of your three female ministers fall on their own sword and take the wrap.

The 2019 bushfires were the same, with Morrison fleeing the country to drink pina coladas in Hawaii, because as he explained at the time “I don’t hold a hose, mate”

But this week, it’s become very clear that he’s going to have to step up.

Something he hasn’t done yet, and will likely fuck up IF he does.

As the allegations of rape and sexual assault continue to mount up against some of his closest political confidantes, with one alleged incident taking place not even fifty metres from his desk – Morrison has continued to swerve the issue of a rampant culture of misogyny and male entitlement within his ranks.

With the global pandemic preventing him from running away to a tropical island with the family, the next 48 hours are pivotal to his legacy as a self-described ‘war time Prime Minister’.

However, political analysts feel he will likely pretend nothing has happened and pose for heaps of photos with sports stars who don’t win much.


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