There was a time where local real estate agent Clyde Menzies-Hopscotch (31) had everyone worried. As an affluent ‘leader of tomorrow’ – it’s hard to imagine that someone from such an important family could have found himself unemployed in his mid-twenties

But that’s what happened… and it rattled everyone close to him. His parents, his grandparents, his mates, the female family friend who was assigned to him by both of their families at his 18th birthday.

He even had his colts footy coach worried. What was this kid going to do with himself.

After a highly enjoyable 12 years at Betoota Grove’s exclusive Whooton School For Boys, Clyde graduated with flying colours. School vice-captain, house captain, rugby captain, prefect.

He was destined for great things.

That was until he discovered how to make a $300 cash advance withdrawal on the credit card that was linked directly to the family trust.

The love of cocaine and whiskey took over everything, although he insists he never touched the bong because he’s not gay.

He’d struggle to make rugby training twice a week, and his girlfriend says his penis worked even less than usual. For several years all he did was travel Europe and go on benders with the type of girls who were educated by the government. Hardly the sabbatical one would expect from a ‘future Prime Minister’.

Thankfully, as the panic of his late 20s set in. Clyde got it together. Like most wealthy kids with no other options, he found his true calling working for one of his dad’s mates in real estate.

“I never thought it was for me. But it turns out I’ve got a knack for it” says Clyde, unsurprisingly talking about himself during an open home inspection for unsustainably overpriced two-bed rental home that 30 people have turned up to inspect.

“But yeah… I just deal with owners. And do what they ask… Most of them are just like my own family. Rich boomers. My people haha. So I know what’s best for them and try to deliver that”

“Oh by the way, we’re only doing a 6 month lease on this one. They might want to actually live in this house at some point. Or maybe not. They might just end the lease in Winter and ask you to apply again…”

“Or you know… Offer to pay more. I can’t really say that. But that’s what they’ll expect haha”

“No pets”


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