Greater Brisbane has recorded even more positive cases of the virus today, as the city enters day one of the snap three-day lockdown.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk expects the Queensland cluster to grow even further by the end of today, as the spotlight falls on the number of unvaccinated doctors and nurses working on her state’s COVID-19 frontline.

There are claims a nurse, now tested positive, was not vaccinated before treating frontline coronavirus patients.

It is not yet known if the nurse was unvaccinated because of her own personal beliefs or because there simply isnt enough fucking vaccines in the North, despite the promises made by Canberra to have every at-risk Queenslander immunised against this virus by now.

After a big week of nightmare press conferences and stupid photo opportunities at sporting matches, the Prime Minister has offered Queensland nothing but a couple of warm and fuzzy Facebook posts telling them ‘they’ve got this’.

Queenslanders are beginning to wonder if this false promise of vaccine targets was just political spin aimed at helping to boost the government’s popularity leading into an imminent Federal election.

With two of Morrison’s Ministers facing damning allegations of sex crimes, and another handful aimed at aiding and abetting the the protection of alleged sexual abusers, it is unlikely that a vaccine, even if it was here, would be able to make these blokes look like they have any idea of what they are doing.

With nearly half the front bench of fucken paid medical leave to treat their incompetence, it is not yet known if anyone will be putting their hand up to take responsibility for the vaccines that still haven’t arrived.

Scott Morrison was asked for comment but he was too busy announcing new funding for Australia’s national softball side at a press conference in Engadine.


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