As of next week, when Andrew Laming MP is eventually sacked by the Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, because Scott Morrison is too scared to take off his Cronulla Sharks scarf and actually address the pressing issues related to sexual harassment within his own government, it looks like the Coalition could very well lose majority.

With the current state of the corruption-plagued Federal government, it is unlikely that any independent MPs will offer their support to keep the Libs in power.

That is except Bob Katter MP, a radical industrial left-wing politician who also maintains a good dose of rural conservativism.

A man who might just give Morrison his support to run a minority government.

That is, if a few favours are met.

Here is the list of North Queensland infrastructure projects and social policies that the Maverick Independent MP has told our reporters that he will be asking to have implemented by the Federal Government, if they want to remain in power.

1. The Cloncurry International Airport

With a populations of 2,719 people, Bob reckons this is a no brainer. International cities do NOT need to have a beach.

2. Innisfail International Airport

With a population of over 7000, this makes even more sense. Not to mention all the fruit produce that needs to be flown overseas. If Toowoomba gets one, Innisfail gets one.

3. Mount Isa International Airport

This makes more sense than the rest of them. Our miners deserve to be able to spend their down time in Bali!

4. The Inland Desert Canal.

Bob has been talking about this for years. We dredge The Gulf Of Carpentaria and let the ocean run all the way down to Adelaide, covering the sparse desert lands that are mostly under sea level anyway. Will be great for Transport and great for biodiversity.


It’s not that complicated really. A rail service that stops at every single town in North Queensland, bar none. Dubbed ‘The Steel Mississippi’ – the Katter Boys have been talking about this for years and estimated the build will only cost roughly $800B

6. Birthday treats for North Queensland children

A can of Creaming Soda or Double Sars to be gifted to every single child north of Rockhampton on their birthday.

7. Death penalty for professional fouls in rugby league grand finals

This has been met with a lot of support throughout greater Queensland

8. Nationalise QANTAS, TELSTRA, the TAB and ‘The Internet’

9. Abolish all gun laws for anyone who can prove that they are able to take down a Big Red from 150 metres with a .22


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