The Queensland Premier Steven Miles is now realising very quickly that the Greens take-over of inner-Brisbane now means it will be nigh on impossible to build any decent public sporting facilities north of the Moorooka Mad Mile.

This comes after the NIMBY anti-Olympics movement stamped their feet right through a local council election that nearly delivered a Greens mayor.

While the majority of Queensland lives outside of the capital city, and actually doesn’t mind live sport – the size of Queensland also means the earmarked Olympics developments are of now real use to regional voters – many of whom live up to 1000 kilometres away from Brisbane.

Especially with states rural communities currently in the midst of a youth crime wave that was caused by pandemic lockdowns that forced young people to spent two years locked inside unstable households with people they’d rather avoid by going to school.

This week Premier Miles suggested that he could possibly wait until after the state election to lock in the contracts for the big jobs, but he wants construction to begin on smaller venues within months.

The government last week axed its initial plans to rebuild the Gabba area on Brisbane’s inner-south, instead deciding that the rugby league stadium at Lang Park will now host the Games’ opening ceremony and the comically suburban Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre (QSAC) to be used for athletics.

However, even with the yuppies winning their war against turning Brisbane’s CBD into an international city capable of hosting major sporting events and concerts, it seems the war against the games continues.

The NIMBYs, having succesfully booted the games out of their own backyard, are now arguing that tax-payer dollars could be better spent on dog parks or something equally as lame such as bicycle lanes.

Speaking on ABC Radio Brisbane on Monday morning, Mr Miles made it clear that those complaining about Olympics costs are not allowed to ‘get into the spirit’ when the games actually come to Queensland in eight years time.

“I don’t even care if they reluctantly buy tickets. Those tickets will not be valid”

“I’m documenting every fucking nerd that has piped up and made this more difficult than it needs to be”

“They will be banned from all events except European handball, because that’s such a weird game that we’ll need to boost the crowd numbers out of respect to the visitors”

“Mind you, these losers would probably enjoy it. That’s how committed they are to pretending they live in some sort of Parisian urban enclave. It’s Brisbane for fucks sake. We need these games near the river and train-lines. who gives a fuck if it’s too noisy for your toga studio”


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