In a weird turn of events last night, it appears that the Prime Minister of Australia has apologised for misinforming the public during a live press conference in Canberra.

Scotty From Marketing has been forced to make an embarrassing apology on his Facebook page last night.

The PM made history by admitting to telling lies in an effort to protect his own neck, conceding his unfounded claim that his biggest media ally NewsCorp ‘needed to clean up its own house’ before lecturing others on workplace behaviour, while trying to deflect from questions about alleged rapes and sexual harrassment within the ranks of the Liberal Party.His apology came only after News Corp chairman Michael Miller released an official press release last night, slamming his behaviour, while also confirming that no such complaint existed.

Mr Morrison said he stood by his other remarks made in the press conference, but he now carries a chink in his armour by admitting that sometimes he does lies in the heat of the moment.

This marks the first time that the conservative news organisation has held the Prime Minister accountable for not telling the truth.

As a notoriously partisan media company, News Corp journalists have traditionally let Scotty off the hook for disregarding the facts – even going so far as to blindly accept the Prime Minister Office’s claim that he didn’t go on a family holiday to Hawaii during the record-breaking Black Summer bushfires, when he clearly did.

However, when the going get’s tough, it seems the populist Pentecostal Christian is willing to fire shots anywhere to take the spotlight off his own party’s now very public culture of misogyny, sexual misconduct and victim-blaming.

This has not proven to be an effective political strategy for the Prime Minister, who was well and truly sent to his room last night by a media company that services 70% of the Australian media market.

Political analysts are now beginning to question how such a polished marketing professional could have made such a bed shit on live television yesterday, in turn spoiling a press conference which had been going quite well up until that point.

Early theories are that there is now blood in the water within the Liberals ranks with party leadership back up for grabs as the machine looks towards the next election. It is being speculated as to whether or not Morrison was fed false information by his own party about News Corp and led directly into a trap aimed at destroying his relationship with Murdoch.



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