Local Greek, Spero Concretopolis, has today unveiled his new and improved backyard to his jealous, also Greek, neighbours.

The Marrickville resident who works in fruit transport, has spent the last fortnight ‘sprucing up’ his 1900’s workers cottage.

“It’s as smooth as glass, moit” he says while getting little kicks from the elderly neighbour’s constant peeking at his masterpiece.

When asked if his kids and nephews might need some grass to play soccer on, Spero responds by saying that the Greek’s invented soccer on the marbled surface of the sacred Altis enclosure.

“This is the best place for them to learn how to play mate”

“Australia was an uncivilised land before the Greeks got here, moit”

“That’s the story of Greeks in Australia. We came, we saw, concreted”

Spero is certain that most Australian cities would have folded many years ago without the contribution made by Greek-Australians.

“You want your property value to go up? Get some Greeks in there, moit”

“Look at this place. It just went up three-fold in value. No one knows how to lay a slab like the Greeks”

“Jointless, smooth, polished. This will last forever” he says, as he smashes the concrete with his power hose, also known as ‘the greek broom’.

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