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Members of the Wentworth Electorate have slammed their sitting member today.

The high net-worth and socio-economically well to do electorate has accused their representative, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of turning his back on them.

The criticism comes after leaked photos emerged of the PM parading around in a high visibility vest.

Turnbull has yet to fully address the issue, but issued a brief statement explaining that he is not working against his class’s economic interests.

“I say to you, the people of Wentworth, that I am not turning my back on the people who made me. I must dress up in this silly working class uniforms to appease the masses,” the statement said.

“We must win their minds in order to ensure that our interests are looked after as a whole.”

However the move does not sit well with many locals.

Double Bay Barrister Charles Anderson-Pickford SC told The Advocate today that the photos are of grave concern to many in the area.

“Look we understand the Akubra stuff. Their are at least some landed gentry out west, albeit the crass, abrasive and ochre Australian gentry, but they understand the benefit of the complex system we have set up to look after our own,” Anderson-Pickford said.

“But this high-vis rubbish is nonsense. He will be backing down on the corporate tax cuts and talking about rugby league if this keeps up. It’s disturbing.”

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was of course available to comment on the photographs.

The lawyer, trade union rep and working class man who’s never used his hands in his life and occupies a cushy government position said: “Turnbull doesn’t know where to turn now. Is he a friend of the left, of the right, who is he?”

“Which is making my job fucking difficult actually. Makes me hard to just spurt out the opposite of what he says when he is flip-flopping around all the time.”


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