Australia has been offered an insight in to the issues that keep society’s most privileged awake at night, as protests kicked off at the school gates of a prestigious Sydney private school yesterday.

This follows the announcement in November that one of New South Wales most exclusive all-boys schools would start accepting girls into kindergarten and Year 5 from 2026.

The fear that the exclusivity of this exorbitantly expensive education would be cheapened by allowing female students to learn within the same institution seems to have triggered an existential crisis for old boys and parents who spend too much time on the internet – with a few dozen outraged protestors holding placards outside the school’s entrance on Wednesday morning.

Despite their heavy usage of populist right-wing buzzwords like ‘Woke’ and ‘Second Class Citizens’ – it appears that this picket line is on the wrong side of history – and is gaining very little support from the wider public in their protest against what is very much considered a normal upbringing for 95% of the Australian population.

But as Australians also know, committing to being on the wrong side of history is a perfectly acceptable political position in this country.

And nobody does it better than the man who walked out on the Federal Government’s apology to the Stolen Generation in 2007: Peter Dutton.

However, it appears that for the first time since assuming leadership of the Opposition in 2022, Peter Dutton has been muzzled by the strategists and PR operatives within his own party.

With absolutely zero momentum in the polls despite a cost-of-living crisis ravaging the Australian middle and lower classes, the Liberal Party knows that they must pick better battles. And that means that Peter Dutton cannot be seen to offer his support to the anti-co-education protestors in Sydney this week. Despite 100% agreeing with them.

“Get off me!” shouted Dutton, as his staffer physically restrain him from fronting the media with a soundbite that openly encourages segregated schools.

“These people are our people are our base! Our bread and butter!!!”



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