There’s a new challenger round them Premier League ends, it can be confirmed today.

This comes after Tottenham yout Ange Postecolgou announced that he’s back on the block, after running into some issues just before Christmas.

Coming in hot as the new man in charge round Tottenham last year, Big Ange made a statement by raking up a few early wins, settling in as the Top Boy for a short period of time.

However, a few misjudgements on the job lead to a couple of them rivals taking a few shots at the man and his food, and putting a bit of a dent in his team.

But, after righting the ship following Christmas, Ange has now got the team firing again, with his youts continuing to get it done.

Speaking to The Advocate from the Number One Cafe in London Fields, Big Ange explained the situation.

“Wagwan,” laughed Ange.

“Bruv, we good.”

“I had to eat some of them losses with the high press, but we back shottn now.”

“The mandem calm, you feel me?”

Our reporter nodded and said he did in fact feel him.

When asked about some of the challengers round his ends, Ange laughed.

“Cheslea blud?”

“Chelsea,” he said, kissing his teeth.

“Proper wastemen bruv. Biggest bunch of rich boy pussioes I ever seen. Swear down.”

“Those West Ham mandem getting bit too big for their boots. We’ll sort that.”

When asked about their nearest and archest rivals, down Arsenal way, Big Ange’s gaze focused and sharpened.

“Say nuttin. I’m dealing with Dushane Arteta.”

“You get me. It will be done.”

“I’ll be the Top Boy round these ends.”


Next up though, Tottenham face some out of towner’s Everton this Saturday night.

More to come.


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