The frantic logistics surrounding the Prime Minister’s upcoming bucks party continues today, as Labor Party heavyweights join the all star cast of Liberal party moderates, Australian actors and aging rock musicians that Prime Minister Albanese would want organising his last hurrah.

This comes after the PM proposed to his partner Jodie Haydon last week, following a nice Italian meal in Canberra for Valentines Day.

While Kevin Rudd had initially hijacked plans to relocate the bucks party to his favourite red light district in New York, the organisers have remained firm that it will be taking place in Bali over the AFL grand final long weekend.

As more and more friends of Albanese’s begin throwing their two cents in, key organiser Penny Wong has been met with an array of quirky suggestions

Today Kim Beazley has entered the chat.

“Gentlemen” he began politely, before asking if anyone had any contacts that could perhaps provide illegally procured legal stimulants for the party.

Like everyone from Western Australia, the former leader of the Labor party is culturally inclined to recreationally abuse dexamphetamines.

Dexamphetamine is medication prescribed for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. Due to the isolation of the West Coast of Australia, this class of prescription medicine has become the go-to party drug for the residents of Perth and surrounds.

All of this was explained in Beazley’s pitch to the Bux chat, as well as his fairly good point that Indonesia would be less likely to sentence anyone caught trafficking dexies to capital punishment.

Penny Wong attempts to keep an open mind to this very Western Australian suggestion, and offloading the task to the Minister For Health.

However, Minister For The Arts, Tony Burke MP has made the case that Bali is way more of a mushie vibes than an upper vibe.


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