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While droves of people are begging for an end to Coronavirus updates, one local graph lover is bucking the trend and actually dreading the day the spread of the virus is no longer covered 24/7 by the news.

Pete Buchanin is what’s known as a graphodisiac, someone who gets aroused by graphs, and charts to a lesser extent.

It’s believed that Pete is the only person on Earth who suffers from the disorder, so what he’s going through at the moment is an incredibly isolating experience.

“No one else is a grapho, so I can’t really talk to anyone about what I’m going through”

“On the one hand it’s amazing because I am stimulated and aroused all day, but on the other hand it’s isolating because I don’t have anyone to talk to about it”

“Oh, and I can’t go anywhere because of my, yeah.”

Pete told The Advocate that he first realised he was attracted to graphs when he was 9 years old.

“All the other kids hated learning about graphs, but I just found them so beautiful”

“It wasn’t until I hit puberty that the, um, symptoms started showing”

Pete went on to say that his little pre-pubescent body didn’t have the hormones to produce a physiological reaction until he was about 14, at which point he had to start taking leave from any class that focussed on graphs.

“I’ll be sad when all this shit is over” said Pete, sadly.

More to come.    


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