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In a bit of good news today, while busses and trains are crying poor from a loss of peak hour revenue, Sydney Trams have come out today and revealed that they haven’t noticed a decline in passengers or revenue during the Covid Crisis.

In an exclusive interview with The Advocate, Andrew Constance, Transport for NSW CEO, smuggly announced that Sydney Trams are the only public transport system to maintain the same levels of use as before social distancing was implemented.

“It’s encouraging to see these figures, especially because there has been so much scrutiny over the success of the trams”

What Constance is failing to mention is that the trams are only being used by about 5 people a day – the same amount of people that were using it before lockdown.

Despite spending millions, Sydney’s Eastern Suburb residents are yet to use the tram service as much as the government expected, one Coogee resident makes it pretty clear why.

“My god I could walk into the city faster. It’s outrageous! Not only has the government completely botched the tram system, but they’re trying to cancel the busses we all rely on just to force people to use the tram”

“We’d use the trams if they were any good. Get an express tram. Don’t cancel our busses.”

More to come.


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