In what many political analysts have described as ‘not digging up’ – former Queensland highway cop turned Immigration Minister turned the guy that knifed Malcolm Turnbull and destroyed the Coalition’s support in the blue-ribbon seats, Peter Dutton is somehow the sole candidate for leadership of the embattled Liberal Party.

This comes after the Morrison government was annihilated with a 20 seat loss, suffering the worst election result since formation of their party.

As Australians get used to hearing the words ‘Prime Minister Albanese’ – it seems the soul-searching is not limited to the losers of the 2022 Federal Election.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has been quick to slap down any hurtful banter between his own MPs and the current shell of a Liberal Party.

The PM says it was a “mistake” for frontbencher Tanya Plibersek to compare potential Liberal leader Peter Dutton to a Harry Potter villain, insisting he wants to improve political discourse in the country, because Australians are ‘conflict fatigued’.

It would seem Albanese must not have read much of the Betoota Advocate’s coverage of Home Affairs over the last decade, if he has never heard Peter Dutton referred to as ‘Voldermort’ – which is basically a household term throughout the entire country.

Still, it seems Plibersek has taken her leaders advice and cooled things down, with a spokesperson for her clarifying that the Member For Sydney had contacted Dutton directly after the interview and offered an unreserved apology.

However, the Labor Party’s new rule about not making fun of Peter Dutton’s jet black dark soul and dead, lifeless eyes – has not permeated to the Albanese Government’s rural seats.

The newly sworn in Member for the Hunter, former Olympic shooter Dan Repacholi has today refused to apologise for saying that Peter Dutton’s head looks like a kicked-in biccie tin.

The 130-kilogram ex-miner is believed to have also used even stronger terminology to describe the new opposition leader’s terrifying aura, doubling down with ‘mug like a half-chewed Mintie’ – a prominent Hunter Valley slur.

It is not yet known if Albanese has reached out to Repacholi to tell him to go easy, but the Member for the Hunter’s office have already clarified to The Betoota Advocate that there will be not apologies.

A spokesperson for the rowdy new Labor MP says even if he did apologise, Dutton would probably walk out halfway through, like he did during Kevin Rudd’s apology.

“I’m praying the Nats keep Barnaby” tweeted Repacholi.

“A spud and a beetroot in opposition. Fucking classic”


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