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The Nationals are spilling the leadership next week and two horses have broken away from the pack as the Albanese Government sees out its first week of government.

Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce is under threat from Victorian Darren Chester, who’s been a long-time critic of the Duke of Danglemah and declared today that the party lost ‘young people’ and ‘women’ at this month’s election.

Mr Chester locked eyes with Joyce as they left the office today.

“See ya Monday, spoondick!” Mr Chester said.

Barnaby, who was oiling the party’s wooden wombat after a few days on the campaign trail in Queensland, looked up at the Gippslandese member and squinted.

“What the hell did you call me?” said Joyce.

“Did you just call me spoondick? I haven’t heard that since Riverview.”

Darren gestured that he was watching Barnaby before laughing to himself.

“I got a feeling you’re going down, Joycey!”

Barnaby turned to our reporter and asked what Darren’s problem was, to which our reporter just shrugged.

As our reporter went to leave the Nationals tea room, Barnaby noticed that all the oil that he was putting on the wooden wombat had rubbed off on his suit pants.

“Oh for fuck’s sake!”

More to come.


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