Local Brisbane man Wally Castlemaine was determined to let his family know he was safe after the three car prang in Brisbane’s west this morning, as he made his way to work at the Hutchinson Builders head office.

“I know there’s a lot of people in Brisbane but I’m sure all my friends and family were worried sick” He said

Friends and family marveled at the fact that Wally was able to ‘mark’ himself safe on Facebook well before the pile up was even announced on Triple M’s traffic report – but many were relieved to find out that, like everyone involved, Wally wasn’t hurt.

Wally’s friend Alf Tuquiri spoke with a tone of relief this morning to The Advocate this morning.

 “When I heard the news of the crash in Brisbane I immediately worried for Wally’s safety. I was very glad when I realised that he had marked himself ‘safe’ on Facebook”

The crash occurred on Thursday, March 23 when two Toyota Taragos collided outside the Pig & Whistle hotel, which is attached to the Indro Westfield Shopping centre for some reason.

“When two seven seater people movers collide that is 14 people at risk and when the population is mere two million it’s safe to say that the odds are stacked against you” Wally explained.

“I’m lucky I was the third car in. The mazzy only got a little dent in the passenger side as I skid into the back of them”

Upon finishing the interview Wally conceded that he part of him just wanted to let his ex-pat mates in London know that he was still living it up in sunny Queensland.



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