Australia’s intelligence agencies are today getting to work after Peter Dutton finally admitted that sometimes white people can be terrorists.

This follows the news that the Federal cabinet’s National Security Committee is due to receive an urgent briefing from ASIO and the AFP on the risk posed by right-wing extremists following Friday’s tragedy.

Executive staff from both departments will brief Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who chairs the committee, and its members today.

Dubbed Operation Crimson Cervical Curve, Intelligence officers are today scouring the most inbred online forums they can find, in an effort to identify any concerning rhetoric that may indicate links to extremism.

The Betoota Advocate has spoken to several spies involved in the new crackdown via Wickr, with all of them obviously requesting to not have their identities disclosed.

“Fuk me have you watched Sunrise before” wrote one of the officers, under the pseudonym of Spy #2.

“That’s where we’ve been doing most of our research. Half the cunts they have on there appear to be linked with militant white supremacist organisations”

Spy #1 and #3 agreed.

“Literally no one would know any of these people exist if it wasn’t for Sunrise” said Spy #1

“Pauline Hanson gets paid to go on there to say racist shit. We are keeping a close eye on Kochie”

Spy #4 also said Sky News was a good shout for identifying nazis.

“Yeah all those pedo-apologists on Sky News, and in that middle part of the Herald Sun before the sport. These people are all on a watch list”

Victorian Police have also revealed dozens of right wing extremists are on terror watch lists, and monitoring of the so-called alt-right has escalated after the deadly attack in New Zealand by an Australian.


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