As the grieving of the nation’s favourite son continues, millions of Australians are finding different ways to deal with with this heartbreaking news.

The passing of Shane Warne has seen the loss of one of the last true characters in both Australian sport and public life. A sporting maestro and loveable personality, known for his cricketing genius and unbridled zest for life.

As the tragedy sinks in right across the country, some have taken to leaving flowers, cigarettes and meat pies at the base of his bronze statue in Melbourne. Others are consuming as many eulogies from former team mates as possible.

Then there’s those who are bingeing the match highlights. Something that Betoota Heights plumber, Andy Carmody (36) has spent the last 48 hours doing.

Starting with the Gatting ball, Andy has followed the career of Shane warne in full chronology, using both social media posts and YouTube.

His wife, Elodie, not exactly one for watching more than an hour of cricket at the time – has also joined in.

Only pressing pause for toilet breaks, their teenage kids have been left to fend for themselves over the weekend – surviving off food deliveries and their own bed times.

This three day bender of world class cricket was only interrupted by the croaky voice of the local pizza delivery guy on Sunday evening, who had let himself in for the third time this weekend.

“Ahhh yes. Sri Lanka, 1999” said local food delivery professional.

“That was how I like to remember Shane. 5 for 54 in the scorching subcontinental heat. Asgiriya Stadium was like a deep fryer that Summer””

“I know they won that match. But the end result never mattered when we had the King out there. Being able to watch him ply his craft was far more special than any silverware”

Andy and Elodie sit in silence, as they sadly nod to the pizza boy’s succinct synopsis of the magic of Shane Warne.

“Do you wanna seat mate?” asks Andy, as he holds back tears.

“We are gonna watch some world cup highlights after this”

The pizza boy turns his phone on to flight mode and drops his heater bag to the floor.

“Scooch over” he sniffles.


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