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Opponents of the proposed Bendigo Mosque have launched action in the Victorian Court of Appeal to challenge the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal’s decision to approve the plans.

The tribunal’s decision was followed by big demonstrations in Bendigo last month, when hundreds of people clashed in the city’s CBD.

Local patriot, Paul Whiteman, has given his two cents on the issue.

“Mate, the last thing this town needs is a fucking Mosque,”

“Mosques are ugly and full of unlikeable characters. Our jaded country town doesn’t need any more intimidating small business-owners,”


The Bendigo Mosque opponents have taken to social media to promote their cause. Using a photograph of the Taj Mahal.
The Bendigo Mosque opponents have taken to social media to promote their cause.

Mr Whiteman, a proud member of the Reclaim Australia Movements, says that his town’s Muslim problem is not too different to their second biggest problem, Crystal Meth.

“Our historic Australian town has two big problems at the moment… Islam and Ice”

“We’ve got a meth lab in just about every street, we’ve got kids blowing themselves up trying to cook the shit,”

Ice, the second biggest problem faced by Bendigo, behind Islam
Ice, the second biggest problem faced by Bendigo, behind Islam

“It’s not too different to kids blowing themselves up. Which is obviously what’s going to happen if we allow the 35 moderate Muslims in Bendigo to build a place of worship”

“The moment this whole Mosque thing gets squashed, we are going to rally in the streets to end ice. But if the Mosque goes ahead… We all lose”

Mr Whiteman went on to explain how Bendigo had been burnt by Multiculturalism in the past.

Bendigo Joss Temple. Built in the mid 1800's
Bendigo Joss Temple. Built in the mid 1800’s

“We’ve had the Buddhist Joss Temple sitting in the middle of town since the Gold Rush. It’s an absolute eye-sore,”

“Not to mention the fact that every hill in town is owned by the Catholics,”

“Multiculturalism does not work. There’s 84,000 people in Bendigo and only a small portion of them demand to be different. Everyone wants to be the same except them and it’s causing trouble,”

“whether it’s the junkies with their glass pipes or the Muslims with their Mosque, we shouldn’t have to bow down to any minorities”

The Australian Islamic Mission’s Seyed Sheriffdeen said his group had a solid case to put before the Court of Appeal.

“The whole purpose is building a mosque to … cater [to] the needs of the worshippers for their worships and we will reaffirm our mission, it’s very clear,” he said.


  1. I moved out of Bendigo around 8yrs ago to a foreign country, it’s sad to see what has happened in that 8yrs Bendigo seems to have lost it’s soul and/or identity. We have beautiful town with lovely landscapes & buildings that should be preserved. I was shocked returning after only 5yrs to see what has happened to the CBD it looks like a skied animal so bare and un attractive. If Bendigo would only just preserve it’s history and buildings instead of looking like a cheap plastic mixed up slum, it just might get some life back into it. The whole Muslim/Ice thing is only the tip of the iceberg, solid family life is what is essential for healthy mature future Bendigian’s to be raised. Foster the Arts & Music venues, get our kids into their passion’s Religion & Drugs are escapes for lost hurting souls wanting to forget their pain, not un like Art as an outlet of emotion. The Muslims have not come to Bendigo to Join in but, with a religious agenda to take over the world by any means, we have seen what this group is about, if Bendigo lets them in it will only cause more problems…. but is that what the higher up’s are trying to do world wide with their media machine???

  2. Shut down all religious institutions or put up with all of them, can’t pick and choose. Now you know how us Atheists feel everyday we gotta put up with your stupid religious bullshit.

  3. Fuckin idiots. I love hearing their statements and I ponder how they got to their logic. Hmmm “I’m pretty sure there are hundreds if not thousands of Mosque’s in Australia. Not one of these towns has had someone trying to blow themselves up. I hope they do actually, and take out a few of these ‘reclaim australia’ fucktards with them.

  4. This artikle is more leftwing bigot lies and propergander!


    Why would we do that? Without it half our Patriots wood never get to there Centerlink appointments on time!

    Rise Up Patriots!

  5. “Mosques are ugly and full of unlikeable characters. Our jaded country town doesn’t need any more intimidating small business-owners” haha. i think i went to school with this bloke. back then it was the 2 greek families and their fruit shops everyone was sure would lower the tone. haha. Those patriotic wallies with the flags and the no hair lower the tone of the place. most of them are blow in fascist rent a crowd from elsewhere. A mosque would be cool. they should build a big onion-dome one with wailing beardy blokes and all…. right next to the Sacred Heart Cathedral. I would go back there just to have a laugh.those fucked up protests last year are the brown note in Bendigo’s tone lowering history. That, and when the chinese got slaughtered in large numbers and robbed of their gold back in the day . “they took our jerbs!!!!!!”
    And the ice rave is bullshit. Bendigo was the amphetamine sulphate speed capital of victoria thru the 70s and 80s. A few kabab shops would liven the place up a bit.

  6. The way forward is prevention programs headed by former addicts like myself and spend money on the real victims of ice the addict.About the mosque’s being built there well I don’t think it will hurt the town .But I understand the scare campaign against it but hardly warrants it really .


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