With everything going in the world today, a local Gen-Y finance consultant has still got time to sweat the small stuff.

But it depends on how you define small stuff, says Hannah (28)

Forget pandemics, wars, elections and global financial collapse. There’s some burning questions that remain unanswered from the last millennium.

Questions that still keeps Hannah up at night.

Like, whatever happened to TaTu?

And why did Posh stay with Becks after his text messages to another women were leaked to the newspapers, proving he was cheating on her while she was heavily pregnant?

But the most pressing issue that remains unanswered from yesteryear is ‘why did half the characters in the Saddle Club have Australian accents, and half have American accents?”

The Saddle Club was a wildly popular Australia children’s television series based on the books written by Bonnie Bryant. Like the book series, the scripted live action series follows the lives of three best friends in training to compete in equestrian competitions, while dealing with surprisingly dramatic and enthralling problems in their pre-teen personal lives.

Hannah says as a faithful Saddle Club fan, she spends hours thinking about the show to this day, and no amount of Wikipedia or late-1990s chatroom forumns can provide an answer to her questions about the inconsistency of accents amongst the characters.

“It’s just never addressed. It’s almost like 50% of the cast are American or Canadian migrants”

“But then again, maybe the Australians are the migrants in North America”

“They never really clarified what country Pine Hollow Stables is in”

Hannah says this rabbit hole is one she can go down for hours while laying awake in bed at night.

“I mean, most of the adults are Australian, but some arent”

“And then, some of the American girls have Australian parents”

Nevertheless, Hannah says she’s glad that she was too young to be caught up on the details as a little girl, and was able to enjoy all 78 episodes without ever having to worry about the socio-global backdrop.

“I’ve never once watched an equestrian event in real life” she says.

“But I was heavily invested in that world for quite a large portion of my pre-adolescence”


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