7 March, 2016. 11:15


A photograph of Tony Abbott’s newest tattoo has resulted in a buzz amongst political commentators, who suggest the vaguely tribal-themed body art in a clear indication of the former Prime Minister’s suspected mid-life crisis.

The photo, which was picked up by photographers working for Weetbix at a triatholon fundraiser over the weekend, joins a long a list of sure sign indicators.

“First it was the new sports car, then it was the drum kit… Then there was talk of a bit of trouble with his marriage… “says Australian political commentator, Kevin Hardwick.

I think the tribal tattoo makes it official. Tony Abbott is having a big ol’ mid-life crisis,”

“I mean, we’ve all had that realisation that we are no longer the young fella we used to be… But I think a tattoo is a very lame way of dealing with it,”

Tony Abbott’s suspected mid-life crisis first made headlines in February this year – after it was revealed that his wife, Margie, had referred to his new sports car as a ‘menoporsche’.

Hardwick says the alleged mid-life crisis was most certainly triggered by the fact that he was overthrown in his position of Prime Minister late last year by a much more youth-oriented and ‘cooler’ Liberal party rival.

“Here’s Abbott sitting in the back bench, denying an affair with a married woman, while Turnbull and his wife are down in Oxford street for the Mardi Gras..”

“…He just doesn’t have it, and a tattoo is very pitiful attempt at appearing cool,”

These mid-life crisis allegations join an explosive account of former prime minister Tony Abbott’s downfall by Australian political journalist Niki Savva.

The book, titled ‘The Road to Ruin’ will be released on Monday, with excerpts from the book already grabbing headlines – Including how the Former PM was seen “slapping the buttocks” of chief of staff Peta Credlin.

The alleged buttock slapping incident is said to have happened in front of an unnamed minister, who Mr Abbott did not know was there.

Ms Credlin is said to have responded to the slap with a smile.


  1. Obviously a Photoshop job if ever there has been one. No folds on tattoo in skin around arms.
    Stop this BS from left wing media. We’ve got better things to do with our lives.

    • Well why don’t you go do them Peter, you don’t have to waste your precious time not only looking at these things, but replying to them too…did you major in procrastination?


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