The outgoing Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia has today revealed his next move.

After being told by the government that his million dollar a year job wouldn’t be there moving forward, Philip Lowe said he turned his mind to what’s coming up.

“I’ve got some exciting holiday plans in the works,” said Philip today.

“Just to let off a bit of steam and recharge the batteries you know?”

Philip said he plans to kick off retirement with a bang, by heading over to South Korea to enjoy a VIP holiday watching a Squid Game.

Made popular by the Netflix series Squid Game, the games feature people from the lower classes fighting each other to the death in a series of challenges in order to win a life changing amount of money.

The games are organised by shadowy figures who are bankrolled by VIP’s who like to enjoy people from the working and poverty classes performing for their entertainment.

When speaking to The Advocate Philip refused to confirm exactly when he’ll be heading off to the secret island to enjoy the spectacle.

He was reportedly going to be accompanied by NSW State of Origin Captain James Tedesco, but the footy season unfortunately got in the way.

Lowe is set to be succeeded at the Reserve bank by Michele Bullock.

Bullock served as the Deputy Governor and has been at the RBA for nearly 40 years, and the move is seen as a strong sign that the RBA are committed to structural change and reform.

More to come.


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