A widely debated scientific theory looks set to be proven correct this year, it can be confirmed.

Hypothesized about for decades, it looks like there will soon be concrete proof that Threequels are one of the shittest things going around.

This comes after the third edition of the World War trilogy series looks set to drop in 2022, with a plotline revolving around Eastern Europe.

Roughly 80 years after the smash hit World War 2 was released, the final chapter in the trilogy of global conflicts is about to hit cinemas, with Russian troops reportedly moving into Eastern Ukraine.

Formally recognising the Ukrainian territories of Luhansk and Donetsk as independent, it looks like Russian President and noted baddie Vladimir Putin is going to really kick things off.

The trailer for the third film, featuring tank footage of the Russians moving into Ukraine has been met with a wave of criticism, with experts asking how the Russians have learned nothing from Hollywood.

Noted film critic from Betoota’s Theatre and Performing Arts Society Margaret Stratton told The Advocate it’s good to at least have some clarity on this major scientific theory.

“The Godfather, The Hangover, Shrek, The Matrix, RoboCop, Spiderman, the list goes on and on and on,” said Stratton.

“Everyone kind of already knew that threequels are one of the worst things man has ever created, but know we are going to know for sure.”

“The graphics are going to be insane, but it’s a shit storyline with flawed protagonists and overdone themes and character tropes,” she continued.

“I don’t need to watch it to tell you that it’s going to be a half star.”

“If you can avoid seeing it, I’d encourage you to do that.”

“Break a leg. Like literally go and snap your leg so you get a medical exemption from dying on some foreign battlefield.”

More to come.


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