Former Prime Minister Uncle Tony Abbott has today responded with shock and disgust over a cartoon depiction of tennis star Serena Williams which he has labelled “racist” and “sexist” – and worst of all “gammin”.

The image by Australian cartoonist Mark Knight has created uproar in the US with commentators saying it is an example of Australia’s “blind racism” and people elsewhere in the Australia pointing out it’s a prime example of how Melbourne think they are so woke when they are actually just rednecks with scarves.

The furore comes as Knight, a respected cartoonist with Melbourne-based newspaper The Herald Sun, deleted his Twitter account and the paper doubled down on the cartoon with an editorial front page attacking political correctness.

“Welcome to PC World,” the headline reads, accompanied by a “Satire Free Zone” stamp in the foreground.

However, Uncle Tony Abbott has since appeared on Channel Nine’s Today Show, to condemn what he believes has been a history of racist cartoons by a wine-drunk migaloo tucked away in his Collingwood terrace house.

“He drew a very unflattering cartoon of me when I first got the Special Envoy job” said Abbott.

“Made me wild”

Uncle Tony Abbott then took a moment to adjust his Aboriginal flag-coloured headband, before issuing the final blow.

“Mark Knight is gammin”

“Everyone knows that”


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