Former US President and probable next US President Donald Trump is off and running, in his 2024 election campaign.

With Australian political nerds and, like maybe a quarter of America turning its gaze to the State of Iowa, Donald Trump absolutely smoked his Republican counterparts in the first formal act of the election season.

In a state famous for Ashton Kutcher, producing the most pork in America and hosting a fair where they make a 600 pound cow out of butter, Trump left the other aspiring Republican rivals in his wake – pulling off a resounding victory.

That lead to one of his floundering rivals, Vivek Ramaswamy, immediately withdrawing from the race to be Republican nomination for the US presidential election in November.

While Trump looks a pretty safe bet to win the nomination for the red team, the Iowa vote was a real blow to his main rivals in Nikki Haley (former US Ambassador to the UN) and Ron De Santis (Governor of Florida).

Although many attribute Trump’s ability to inspire voters and make them feel alive to his success, it’s been alleged that there is another secret formula to his success.

The fake tan.

With Trump now looking oranger then a recently divorced mum whose decided to get her grove back by committing to a body building competition – it’s believed that the fake tan could be a major reason in the big fella looking good and feeling good.

It’s unknown if he has any appointments with a posing coach or expensive IMDBCFGH personal trainers, but it’s an ominous sign for his rivals on both sides of the political spectrum.

More to come.


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