Third year carpentry apprentice Talumn Chadley (19) has made it clear he is showing up to his backup career by wearing training shorts to work.

Currently doing a bit of backline work in the extended reserve grade Under 19s squad of the Betoota Dolphins, Chadley started his apprenticeship because anything pays better than reserve grade bush footy.

According to Chadley, he has been weeks away from getting his start for the past two years which is why carpentry is nothing more than a day job to him and he has the shorts to prove it.

“I’ve actually been training with Huntley Blakewright,” stated Chadley, giving us time to Google whoever the fuck he’s talking about.

“He was an apprentice too. Helped build the very stands the crowd sat on as they cheered him in his first and only first grade game. He said he’d tell me about it but honestly his memory isn’t too great these days.”

“Was on the same field as Cameron Smith though. Not at the same time though, Cam was off for a rest for the seven minutes Blakey played.”

Despite being constantly surrounded by 30-year-olds who almost got a start once, Chadley is certain carpentry will one day be no more than funny b-roll in the montage of how he became an Origin legend.

“Already preparing for my interview with Kempy brah. I reckon this whole chippy gig will be one minute of the three hours we spend yarning.”

“I’m prepared for NRL360 to, I’ve been consistently giving myself head trauma every single week for years.”


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